Health Benefits:

We use two thousand years of history in traditional Chinese qigong, acupuncture massage. We treat frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, sore hands and feet. Our staff are professionally trained and qualified masseurs.

Acupoint massage is derived from ancient Chinese acupuncture massage art, and is the traditional Chinese health care method. Many of your health benefits include: pain relief, stress reduction, and increased energy.

People of any age or gender can experience benefits -> Elderly, men, pregnant women or others, young people, children and babies can get positive benefits from massage.

Advanced Oriental Massage Therapy ~ More Benefits:

  • Relief of chronic Pain
  • Stress Reduction
  • Stimulate Nervous System and Nerve Functions
  • Improve Your Circulation
  • Improve Your Immune System
  • Increased Flow of Energy
  • Stimulates the Detoxification of the Body
  • Increases Beauty and Youth
  • Aging Process Reversal